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If your plant produces paperboard boxes, blister packs, flexible film packages, laminated or other types of packaging, maintaining throughput on your machines is critical. Regardless of whether these machines use the offset, flexographic, digital or rotogravure process, you need material that is free of contamination and surface defects to maximize productivity and profitability.

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Doyle Multimodal Web Cleaning Systems are custom designed to remove dust and contaminants created in and attracted to substrates by your company’s operations. The Doyle Cleaning process consists of neutralization of static charges; double row of heavy-duty brushes to dislodge debris; high-velocity air scrubbing action of the substrate; and extreme even vacuum across the entire orifice and grooved faceplate.

Web cleaning systems are installed on multiple sizes and types of machines.

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By installing a custom engineered Doyle Multimodal Sheet Cleaning System directly on the production equipment, downtime, cleaning material usage and stock waste is reduced immediately; quality, productivity and profitability is increased. The high-velocity air scrubbing of the substrate along with the heavy-duty brushes and even vacuum across the orifice and grooved faceplate maximizes the system’s performance.

Sheet cleaning systems are available for offset presses.

Doyle Contact Roll Web Cleaner - Universal Cleaning MachineShadow

Some substrates and applications where contaminant particle sizes go below visible level to the sub-micron range and the cleaning requirements are nearly 100%, a more appropriate solution may be Doyle’s Contact Roll Web Cleaners. These machines incorporate usually one or more substrate driven elastomer particle transfer rollers that remove the debris and passes it to an adhesive coated contamination trap roll.

After some time period, the trap roll is removed and the top dirty layer is stripped away and discarded to allow for further collection of debris. This technology is best used where contamination volumes are minimal and substrate speeds are relatively low and/or the material being cleaned is of a thin gauge or is scratch sensitive.



Dual side edge cleaners are available to aid in the cleaning process. Edge cleaners are ideal when cleaning coated and uncoated board stocks 10-40 point.

Features include:


Edge cleaners combine both mechanical scrubbing, along with vacuum pulling debris from edges at 45° --- this dramatically improves the overall print and quality of any job as well as eliminating dust build up in and around the press and providing a cleaner working environment.

Edge cleaners can be used in conjunction with multimodal cleaners or independently.


Each edge cleaner assembly is mounted on a horizontal mounting bar which allows you to adjust the edge cleaner to unlimited stock web widths.

From web cleaning and sheet cleaning to engraved roller cleaning and surface inspection, Doyle Systems delivers guaranteed quality control solutions that free your material of dust, debris, paper shreds, spray powder, fibers and other loose contaminants, maintains full density ink and coating volumes and helps you to ensure the surface of your substrates are free of defects.


Doyle® Web Cleaning Systems

Improve the quality of substrates, minimize defects and reduce surface contamination prior to printing, coating, laminating or after converting. Doyle Multimodal Web Cleaners help eliminate dust, dirt, fibers, lint and scale generated before calendaring and after slitting.

Doyle® Sheet Cleaning Systems

Improve print quality, minimize defects and reduce surface contamination that hampers production. Doyle Multimodal Sheet Cleaners help eliminate dust, dirt, fibers, lint and scale that were generated during the manufacturing, slitting and sheeting processes.

LandSco® Light

Help identify surface defects and contamination on substrates during manufacturing to permit quick remedy, thus reducing waste and the expenses that go with it. Landsco Surface Inspection Lights also aid in viewing spray powder coverage during offset sheet printing.

Doyle® Contact Roll Cleaning Systems

Remove particulate contamination down to 0.5 micron, as well as safely clean scratch sensitive foils and films by using Doyle Contact Roll Cleaners with BlueMax contact rollers. Get the best of both worlds with Doyle Hybrid Cleaning by combining the power of Multimodal cleaning with the light touch of the Contact Roll Cleaner.

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