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Doyle Systems has been successfully manufacturing solutions for the printing, converting and manufacturing markets for over 90 years.  Of vital importance is matching the technology to the specific range of products being manufactured, and multimodal contact cleaning continues to be the market standard for a broad range of applications.

A particular market segment which has seen continuous growth is the more sensitive substrate market such as plastics (PET, PE, PLA, PHA), films, foils, laminates and non-wovens.  These substrates have evolved in both complexity and sensitivity and are often referred to as “scratch sensitive materials”.  Some of these applications require contactless vacuum cleaning and because of this demand, Doyle Systems presents the NEW contact-free cleaner. 

The Doyle contact-free cleaning system is based on a new method that allows for much higher air velocities at the extraction point and combines the latest advances in aerodynamic airflow technology.  Because of this, Doyle is able to draw a vast acceleration of air along the surface area of the substrate, which enables the cleaning system to remove loose debris as well as trapped debris under the boundary layer of air.

To summarize Doyle Systems new contact-free cleaning system:
•  High velocity vacuum
•  Removes both visible and sub-visible particles
•  Ideal for scratch sensitive materials
•  Extremely low maintenance
•  Energy efficient operation/minimal consumables

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