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LandSco® Surface Inspection Lights & Lighted Inspection Tables

Improve quality control by detecting and preventing scrap from surface defects with LandSco® surface inspection lights and lighted inspection tables.

Doyle Systems has developed products specifically for this purpose. Among products available to the paper manufacturing market are several models of the Doyle “LandSco Light.”

Several generations of this light have been used on six continents to aid in on line and off line inspection and detection of defects during the manufacturing process. Doyle’s new High Intensity series takes it to a higher level.

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The LandSco Light produces a beam of light that is very wide from side to side and very narrow from top to bottom. This focused light beam shines parallel to the surface. The surface is highlighted brilliantly on the side facing the light, and casts a deep shadow on the opposite side.
Dips, picks, scratches, pockmarks, etc., cast deep shadows within their depths with the side opposite the light catching the light and being highlighted. The lighting also shows surface debris such as dirt, dust, felt hairs and paper fiber as well.
This combination of highlight and shadow gives the impression of magnification, allowing the viewer to see quickly and clearly all potential defects. Decisions can then be made to correct the causes while they are still too small or too few to produce scrap. This proactive quality control tool can save paper mills tens of thousands of dollars per year in rejected paper.


model G-GA inspection light
Dimensions: 18-1/4″ wide x 8-5/8″ high x 8-1/8″ deep. Weight: 28 pounds.

Model G / GA


  • Used for on-machine inspection or mounted on an inspection table for off-machine inspection.
  • Size of the surface to be inspected can be from 42″-48″ wide by 200″ deep.
  • Controls for dimming and on/off operation are located on the back of the cabinet.
  • Model GA includes a remote control with a 12′ cable for dimming and on/off operation
Model Mini Portable Inspection Light
Dimensions: 8″ wide x 4″ high x 11″ deep. Weight: 8 pounds.

Model Mini

  • Compact, portable version of the Model G.
  • Can be placed on the same surface as the sample to be inspected or even on the sample itself.
  • Useful for examining roll ends, skid load edges and sheet pulls where it is easier to take the light to the sample rather than take the sample to the light.

Model MS

The Model MS is basically a Model GA acting as the main control unit for any number of additional units attached electronically so that all units operate simultaneously. The additional units operate just like the main control unit except that they cannot operate independently.

The unit was designed for continuous on-line inspection for very wide running webs or for off-line inspection of exceedingly large samples such as 4′ x 16′ panels. It offers all the advantages of the Model GA plus the advantage of being able to illuminate much larger surfaces.

The High Intensity Series LandSco Inspection Lights:

Features include:

Can effectively be used in lighted environments
Wider effective viewing areas
Taller beam height (for viewing thicker samples)
Easy access to lamps for replacement (2 minutes or less) for quick change of lamps


40% brighter than standard series

ITL Inspection Table Light
Dimensions: 40″ wide x 6-3/4″ high x 9-1/2” deep. Weight: 36 pounds. Utilizes three 300 watt lamps.

Inspection Table Light (ITL)

  • ITL (short throw light) is designed to turn a flat, level surface into an inspection area of sizable proportions.
  • Can illuminate surfaces from 40″ wide within 3″ from the light to 96″ wide just 48″ from the light, with an effective depth view of over 60″.
  • All operating controls are located on the side of the unit for operator convenience.
  • Multiple ITL units can be used together on a common on/off and light intensity control for implementation in very wide format applications.
Model H Portable Inspection Light
Dimensions: 12″ wide x 6″ high x 10″ deep. Weight 12 pounds.
Utilizes one 300 watt lamp.

Model H / HA

  • Used for on-machine inspection or can be mounted to an inspection table for off-machine inspection or table top use.
  • Can illuminate surfaces 22″ – 96″ wide up to 140″ deep.
  • Model HA includes a remote control with a 12′ cable for dimming and on/off operation.
Super H Long Throw Inspection Light
Dimensions: 30″ wide x 8″ high x 15″ deep. Weight: 35 pounds. Utilizes two 500 watt lamps.

Model Super H

  • Designed for large format viewing in the manufacturing of flooring, carpeting, gypsum board and door manufacturing or anywhere a large sample requires inspection.
  • Can be located as close as 24″ from the sample and can illuminate a 65″ wide area to over 216″ wide at a 200″+ depth.
  • Offers twice the viewing area of the smaller Model H unit, but is just 30″ wide.


Doyle Systems offers a line of standard and custom manufactured quality control inspection tables. This line also incorporates our extensive line of “LandSco” Surface Inspection Lighting for a wide variety of application requirements. This lighting is multi-direction and designed to view surfaces of samples in their entirety from 28″ x 40″ up to 46″ x 240″. Cross machine, machine direction, overhead blacklight and fluorescents and through lighting are available. Curtains are optional.
The Doyle “LandSco Light” is available in many configurations. From a single table top inspection light for small samples to large format inspection tables with multiple light sources. Inspection tables can be custom designed to provide inspection of paper in any length from 48” to over 200”. The lighting can be configured to view the large paper samples in the machine and cross machine direction, backlighting, overhead lighting and overhead ultraviolet lighting.

Each lighting source provides several specific uses:

Machine direction: The light shines in the machine direction on the paper showing defects in the cross-machine direction such as scratches, pits, embosses, fibers bonded at one end, coating skips, calendaring problems.
Cross machine direction: The light shines in the cross machine direction, showing defects in the machine direction such as scratches, pits, embosses, coating problems, doctor blade scratches, repetitive marks.
Back lighting: The light is behind the translucent inspection surface showing through the paper to show paper formation, opacity, foreign objects, and pinholes.
Ultraviolet overhead: Used to bring out the application of any brighteners, either in the paper or in the coating process to look for the amount and evenness of application, or to check for any foreign particle that may fluoresce.
Overhead Lighting: Used primarily for color rendition and evenness.
Not all manufacturing requires every option. The inspection tables can be custom engineered to incorporate only the lighting options required based on the products being manufactured.

This quality control tool has been proven to provide extremely quick ROI and has unrivaled acceptance as a tool all quality control managers should be relying on.

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