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BARBERTON, OH – (6/1/07) Doyle Systems, the leading manufacturer of sheet and web cleaning systems used throughout the graphics industry has developed a “Best of Both Worlds” hybrid cleaning solution. Doyle’s unique hybrid system combines the strength of Multimodal vacuum systems with the fine touch of contact roll cleaning. This new approach offers several advantages to the most demanding converting applications.

The MultimodalTM portion of the hybrid system brushes and vacuums away most surface dust and debris. Then, the contact roll can remove the remaining smallest particles, eliminating surface dust as minute as 0.5 microns. Because of this unique design, the contact roll requires less frequent changing, saving maintenance and supply costs.

Best of all, hybrid cleaning offers the flexibility of using one or both cleaning methods to best suit customer applications. In many cases, the Multimodal method of cleaning alone will provide excellent results for high-dust substrates. Or, when working with a substrate that is scratch-sensitive, the operator can choose to use only the contact roll cleaner.

Each Doyle hybrid cleaning system is custom-designed for placement at or near the source of surface contamination for maximum effect. This optimal positioning also prevents dust and debris from re-depositing on the surface after cleaning has taken place.

Founded in 1922, Doyle Systems manufactures and markets cleaning and quality control systems used throughout the converting, graphics, and paper manufacturing industries. They will be exhibiting the hybrid cleaning system at CMM, Booth 702, June 4-7. For more information, contact Doyle Systems at 800.445.3856, or visit www.doylesystems.com

Original Press Release Date: 06/01/07