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If your plant produces corrugated sheets, corrugated boxes, POP displays or other types of corrugated products, maintaining throughput on your equipment is critical. Regardless of whether this equipment is a corrugator or a flexo rotary die cutter/ flexo folder gluer, you as well as your customers need material that is free of contamination and surface defects to maximize productivity and profitability.

Corrugated Process – dust free board
Preprint Process – reduce wash-ups and defects
Flexographic (RDC/FFG) – minimize plate cleaning and improve printing

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Doyle Multimodal Web Cleaning Systems can help you get dust under control. Our cleaning systems reduce downtime and waste due to dust created during the corrugated board manufacturing process. Doyle Multimodal Web Cleaners are available for dual side cleaning. Doyle has multiple installations on the following corrugators: BHS, Fosber, Isowa, Langston, Marquip and United.

Dust collected after one 8 hour shift.
Improved solid printing with Doyle Cleaner.
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Doyle Multimodal Sheet Cleaning Systems are available for rotary flexo machines manufactured by Agnati, Bobst, Emba, Goepfert, Greenwood, Hycorr, Koppers, Langston, Marquip, Martin, McKinley, United and Ward.

By installing Doyle Multimodal Sheet Cleaning Systems, downtime is minimized, plate wash-ups are significantly reduced and stock waste is reduced immediately—thus up time improves.


From web cleaning to sheet cleaning, Doyle Systems delivers guaranteed quality control solutions that free your material of dust, debris, paper shreds, fibers and other loose contaminants and helps you to ensure your products are defect free.


Doyle® Web Cleaning Systems

Improve the quality of substrates, minimize defects and reduce surface contamination prior to printing, coating, laminating or after converting. Doyle Multimodal Web Cleaners help eliminate dust, dirt, fibers, lint and scale generated before calendaring and after slitting.

Doyle® Sheet Cleaning Systems

Improve print quality, minimize defects and reduce surface contamination that hampers production. Doyle Multimodal Sheet Cleaners help eliminate dust, dirt, fibers, lint and scale that were generated during the manufacturing, slitting and sheeting processes.

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