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The Doyle Multimodal Web Cleaner is a custom engineered vacuum system that is specifically designed to efficiently remove dirt, dust, lint, spray powder, loose paper particles and other contaminants from stocks used in commercial printing plants, label operations, paperboard box plants, paper mills and converting facilities. They are installed directly on production equipment for improved quality and productivity.

What is the Doyle® Multimodal™ Web Cleaning process?

Doyle Multimodel Web Cleaning Process

First, the substrate surface is treated with ionized air to neutralize any static charges and eliminate attraction of the particles to the material being cleaned. Next, dual refillable heavy duty brushes on the manifold break the boundary air layer over the surface of the moving substrate that traps particles, providing mechanical bristle action to dislodge the particulate and creating a sealed vacuum environment for removing the debris. Third, a grooved faceplate between the brushes generates a cyclonic air scrubbing action between the brushes to remove additional particles and keep all contaminants suspended in the vacuum airstream. Finally, high pressure, high velocity vacuum pulls the debris through a slot in the grooved faceplate and passes the particles through the manifold body to collection.

Doyle Systems Vaccuum

The Doyle Multimodal Web Cleaner employs an impeller style turbo blower that generates a more powerful suction than other typical sheet and web cleaning technologies use. Because of this more powerful suction, larger quantities of contaminants are removed, which requires a robust collection unit.

The Doyle Multimodal Web Cleaner utilizes cyclone dust collectors with filtered air return back to the plant environment. Use of these cyclone collectors permits maintenance cycles that are measured in weeks and months, rather than hours and days, with maintenance costs measured in hundreds rather than thousands of dollars per year. For large volume, long duty cycle removal of visible particulate, there is no better solution than Doyle's Multimodal vacuum technology.

Mitsubishi Web Cleaner

Doyle Multimodal Web Cleaning Systems virtually eliminate downtime due to dust and contaminants impeding the process. If your customers are seeing defects in the products your company is providing to them, chances are your operations are experiencing loss of materials and downtime in efforts to minimize these defects. Dust and contaminants as components of these defects results in higher costs for unnecessary clean-ups and reduced productivity.

By installing Doyle Web Cleaning Systems, our customers tell us they can save more than the equipment costs – sometimes in just weeks. Stock and cleaning material wastage is reduced immediately. Quality visibly improves. Scheduling falls into place. Reworks are scrapped. Your customers are happier. And your business is more profitable.