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WHAT IS THE LandSco® EFFECT?- A flat, low angled and concentrated beam of light across a substrate that creates a contrasting view of the surface properties of the material being inspected. Defects can be quickly identified and corrected to eliminate costs associated with stock waste, product rejection and production rework.

Quality control assessments become more effective by implementing LandSco Surface Inspection Lights to detect contamination and defects in materials. LandSco Inspection Lights provide a means to illuminate, highlight and appear to magnify surface characteristics of substrates. Printers, converters, paper mills and other manufacturers benefit from detection of defects and contamination through the improved visual inspection provided by these lights. Cost and waste will be minimized by capturing these factors at the earliest stage possible in the production process.

The LandSco® Surface Inspection Light

The LandSco Light detects surface defects before your product becomes scrap. By producing a very wide and very shallow beam of light, the LandSco Light can carefully control the illumination of the surface to be inspected. The viewer can quickly and clearly see, for example, powder smaller than 20 microns without the aid of magnifiers.

Contaminants on the surface (spray powder, lint, dust, dirt particles, etc.) are brilliantly highlighted on the side facing the LandSco Light while casting a deep shadow on the opposite side. Scratches, picks, calendar pits and other surface depressions create deep shadows on the side toward the LandSco Light while highlighting the side of the depression opposite the light.

All models are built so that the lamps can be replaced in the field. LandSco Inspection Lights can be used by any manufacturer who needs to detect surface defects. These markets include printing, converting, paper, carton and film manufacturing, corrugating, flooring, carpet manufacturing and gypsum board manufacturing.

Standard Series LandSco® Inspection Lights

Model G/GA

The Model G is used for on-machine inspection or mounted on an inspection table for off-machine inspection. The size of the surface to be inspected can be from 42-48" wide by 200" deep. Controls for dimming and on/off operation are located on the back of the cabinet. The Model GA includes a remote control with a 12-foot cable for dimming and on/off operation. Features and dimensions same as Model G. The Model G and GA have adjustable legs to facilitate alignment procedures. Dimensions: 18 1/4" wide X 8 5/8" high X 8 1/8" deep. Weight: 28 pounds.

Landsco Light Model G/GA

Model Mini

This compact, portable version of the Model G can be placed on the same surface as the sample to be inspected or even on the sample itself. Its portability makes the Mini especially useful for examining roll ends, skid load edges and sheet pulls where it is easier to take the light to the sample rather than take the sample to the light. Dimensions: 8" wide X 4" high X 11" deep. Weight: 8 pounds.

Landsco Light Model Mini

Model MS

The Model MS is basically a Model GA acting as a master control unit for any number of slave units attached electronically so that all units operate simultaneously. The slaves operate just like the master except that they cannot operate independently. The unit was designed for continuous on-line inspection for very wide running webs or for off-line inspection of exceedingly large samples such as 4x16 foot panels. It offers all the advantages of the Model GA plus the advantage of being able to illuminate much larger surfaces.

Landsco Light Model MS

The High Intensity Series LandSco® Inspection Lights

Features include:
40% brighter than standard series
Can effectively be used in lighted environments
Wider effective viewing areas
Taller beam height (for viewing thicker samples)
Easy access to lamps for replacement (2 minutes or less) for quick change of lamps.

Landsco Light High Intensity Series

Model H/HA (Long Throw Light)

Can be used for on-machine inspection or can be mounted to an inspection table for off-machine inspection or table top use. The Model HA includes a remote control with a 12-foot cable for dimming and on/off operation. Both models can illuminate surfaces 22" – 96" wide up to 140" deep. Dimensions: 12" wide X 6" high X 10" deep. Weight: 12 pounds.

Landsco Light Model H/HA (Long Throw Light)

Inspection Table Light (ITL)

The ITL (short throw light) is designed to turn a flat, level surface into an inspection area of sizable proportions. This model can illuminate surfaces from 40" wide within 3" from the light to 96" wide just 48" from the light, with an effective depth view of over 60". All operating controls are located on the side of the unit for operator convenience. Multiple ITL units can be ganged together on a common on/off and intensity control for implementation in very wide format applications. Dimensions: 40" wide X 6 ¾" high X 11" deep. Weight: 36 pounds.

Inspection Table Light (ITL)

Model Super H (Long Throw Light)

This wider version of the model H is just 30" wide, but offers twice the viewing area of the smaller Model H unit. It is designed for large format viewing in the manufacturing of flooring, carpeting, gypsum board and door manufacturing or anywhere a large sample requires inspection. The Super H can be located as close as 24" from the sample and can illuminate a 65" wide area to over 216" wide at a 200"+ depth. Dimensions: 30" wide X 8" high X 15" deep. Weight: 35 pounds.

Landsco Light Model Super H (Long Throw Light)

Inspection Tables

Doyle Systems offers a line of standard and custom-manufactured quality control inspection tables. This line also incorporates our extensive line of "LandSco" Surface Inspection Lighting for a wide variety of application requirements. This lighting is ulti-directional and designed to view surfaces of samples in their entirety from 28" x 40" up to 46" x 240".

Inspection Tables