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If your plant converts paper or other materials, there is probably a substantial investment within your facility in high-speed slitters, sheeters, coaters or laminators. To maximize productivity and profitability, you need material that is free of contamination and surface defects. Yet these processes can create and attract contaminants, as well as potentially suffer from deficiencies in surface integrity.

60'' SHEETER WEB CLEANERDoyle Multimodal Web Cleaning Systems:
  • 102'' SLITTER WEB CLEANERDoyle Multimodal Web Cleaning Systems:
  • WIDE FILM LINEDoyle Multimodal Web Cleaning Systems:
  • SLITTER/REWINDERDoyle Multimodal Web Cleaning Systems:
  • MAXSON SHEETERrDoyle Multimodal Web Cleaning Systems:
  • PEMCO SHEETERDoyle Multimodal Web Cleaning Systems:

Whether your company works with coated or uncoated papers, newsprint, boxboard, corrugated, film, foil, plastic, non-wovens, textiles or metals, Doyle Multimodal Web Cleaning Systems virtually eliminate downtime and waste due to dust and contaminants impeding the process. If your customers are seeing defects in the products your company is providing to them, chances are your operations are experiencing loss of materials and downtime in efforts to minimize these defects. Dust and contaminants as components of these defects results in higher costs for unnecessary clean ups and reduced productivity. By installing Doyle Web Cleaning Systems, downtime, cleaning material usage and stock waste is reduced immediately. Quality visibly improves. Scheduling falls into place. Reworks are scrapped. Your customers are happier. And your business is more profitable.


For some substrates and applications where contaminant particle sizes go below visible level to the sub-micron range and the cleaning requirements are nearly one hundred percent, a more appropriate solution may be Doyle's Contact Roll Web Cleaners. These machines incorporate usually one or more substrate driven elastomer particle transfer rollers that remove the debris and passes it toAutomated Contact Roll Cleaning Systems an adhesive coated contamination trap roll. After some time period, the trap roll is removed and the top dirty layer is stripped away and discarded to allow for further collection of debris. This technology is best used where contamination is very small, volumes are minimal, substrate speeds are low and/or the material being cleaned is of thin gauge or is scratch sensitive.

For applications where contamination levels of dust and debris are higher or production demands do not allow for interruptions, Doyle offers a full line of fully automated Contact Roll Cleaning Systems. This advanced technology allows cleaning of substrates on a continuous basis without stopping to service the equipment. The particle trap rolls are cleaned on the machine without interrupting production, thus avoiding costly downtime. This technology also eliminates the need for adhesive trap rolls and their high residual cost. Either technology can also be combined with the Doyle multimodal vacuum technology as a Hybrid approach on substrates that are not scratch sensitive and have larger volumes of debris when a nearly 100% pristine cleaned surface is desired.


Quality control assessments become more effective by implementing LandSco Surface Inspection Lights to detect contamination and defects in materials. LandSco Inspection Lights provide a means to illuminate, highlight and appear to magnify surface characteristics of substrates. The LandSco Light broadcasts a flat, low angled and concentrated beam of light across a substrate that creates a contrasting view of the surface properties of the material being inspected.

Defects can be quickly identified and corrected to eliminate costs associated with stock waste, product rejection and production rework. Converting operations benefit from detection of defects and contamination through the improved visual inspection provided by these lights. Cost and waste will be minimized by capturing these factors at the earliest stage possible in the production process.


Doyle Web Cleaning Systems

Improve the quality of substrates, minimize defects and reduce surface contamination prior to printing, coating, laminating or after converting. Doyle Multimodal Web Cleaners help eliminate dust, dirt, fibers, lint and scale generated before calendaring and after slitting.


LandScoŽ Light

Help identify surface defects and contamination on substrates during manufacturing to permit quick remedy, thus reducing waste and the expenses that go with it. Landsco Surface Inspection Lights also aid in viewing spray powder coverage during offset sheet printing.


DoyleŽ Contact Roll Cleaning Systems

Remove particulate contamination down to 0.5 micron, as well as safely clean scratch sensitive foils and films by using Doyle Contact Roll Cleaners with BlueMax contact rollers. Get the best of both worlds with Doyle Hybrid Cleaning by combining the power of Multimodal cleaning with the light touch of the Contact Roll Cleaner.